Manuel offers Market Research Services for Spain, Singapore and Malaysia. In collaboration with Eileen Crawley, Manuel provides translation and interpretation services, from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Manuel developed his career in Internationalization and Sectorial Market Research for Spanish companies wishing to do business in Asia. Manuel developed his own Foreign Trade Consultancy project in Zhejiang, mainland China; he was Foreign Trade Adviser in the Spanish Association of Electronics IT and Telecommunications Service Providers and Manufacturers (AETIC), as well as in the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Manuel finished a two year Masters in Marketing and Business Strategy and a two year Masters (DEA) in International Peace and Security in the Spanish Army. He also completed a five year degree in International Economics and Development in Madrid Central University (Spain).

As a result, Manuel acquired an extensive experience in Spanish – English for Business Interpretation that was complemented with language courses in the Alliance Française, the British Council (Madrid, Spain) and Southampton University (UK). He worked as part time Lecturer in Advanced Spanish for Business at Bournemouth University Business School (UK). Manuel is presently involved in his PhD thesis related to the influence of Mainland China in Malaysia and Singapore.

Manuel believes in practical and structured solutions for Business Internationalization needs. x

" Total Quality should be our Management reference in the age of the Internet, the most egalitarian in Human History in terms of the ease of knowledge dissemination. In multicultural and international business environments, an open mind is the only key to the doors of Heaven, so constant personal improvement and higher levels of exigency should be our guide.

The acquisition of specialist knowledge or skills that lead us to Total Quality is a complex experience; it entails hard work, total commitment, the constant correction of errors and, quite specially, “thinking out the box”. In an era of rapid and intense environmental change, we have to accept that as soon as we have learnt a set of skills these might have been made redundant; therefore, the need to concentrate on solid foundations, a long term view to propitiate business success "

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