Eileen Crawley has both a strong academic background and extensive experience in corporate training. She has worked with numerous corporate managers and executives over the last twenty years, in Malaysia, Spain and the UK, to develop their Business Communication and Professional Management Skills. Qualified with an Honours Degree in Social Studies, a Diploma to teach Public Speaking, Eileen also has a Masters Degree in Training and HRM from Leicester University, UK

She is the key author of "Introduction to International Human Resource Management" published by Oxford University Press in 2013.

She has worked with Malaysian managers to improve their presentation skills and business writing and has contributed to the Professional Development of European executives and managers as a facilitator for management courses and as a senior lecturer in Human Resource Management for degrees and MBA programmes in Spain, the UK and Malaysia.

She specialises in training for international companies providing courses on Cross-cultural Management, Cross-cultural Communication, Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management for managers and executives.

Eileen believes that continuing professional development is an essential element in personal career management. Managers and executives today need to enhance their confidence in communicating; need to develop the skills required for managing and participating in meetings; often require guidance on how to work with others more effectively & to delegate tasks; to manage subordinate performance; to motivate their teams and develop their own leadership qualities. In a time of rapid globalisation, managers need more awareness of cross-cultural management issues; need to appreciate how to adapt their behaviour for other cultural settings, and to develop a level of confidence & clarity in communication which will command the respect of others.

Through her understanding of both the Malaysian environment and other European business contexts, Eileen is able to develop courses to meet the specific personal and professional development requirements of managers and executives.

Eileen can prepare a range of communication and management skills courses to meet the needs of your executives and managers. x
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